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  • Señora Ivette, reciba mis más cordiale saludos. La presente es para informarle que en días pasados nosotros estuvimos en el cementerio para ver una propiedad que compramos hace algunos años y no habíamos ido a verla. Allí nos encontramos con una excelente empleada, una persona amable muy profesional, la misma se llama Marianela Gonzalez y quisiéramos que ustedes supieran la impresión que no llevamos de esta señora y la felicitamos a usted por tenerla ahí. Atentamente,
    Migdalia y Francisco Hernández
  • Yvette, you have a caring heart and a generous spirit. And I'm so grateful that my life has been touched by both. Forever Grateful. Thank you,
  • Hello Ms M. Frayle. Thank you so much for helping me locate my mother's grave on Mother's Day weekend. That really showed me people do care!!
    Melanie J.
  • Dear Mrs. McPhillips - Thank you very much for our letter dated January, 28 2014 concern about our contract with good news and saving. Today, I would like to be there and, we beg to you that accept this present for Mothers and Fathers Days.
  • Lou - You've shown me there are still honorable men in this world. It many not have seemed like a big deal to you, but it was to me. Thank you.
  • Hola Maria Victoria, Te deseo ungrato y feliz dia. Siempre tengo presente tu comprension y a fabilidad.
  • Dear Mrs. McPhillips, Thank you for restoring my parent's memorial with such care. My family appreciates your kindness. I knew when you described how you cared for your mother, I could depend on you. The Lord has a way of placing good people in our lives. Sincerely, V.S.
  • Yvette, My sister and I want to thank you and all the Graceland group so much for arranging for it to be purchased and placed. It looks to be very very nice and I hope and trust will make a quality addition to Graceland South. Is the bench in the area of the old Paradise Park/Pineland cemetery area, and is the parking lot in the background near Blanca’s office? If you find that it is not used much, or is not in an area with a little shade you can always consider moving it. Thanks again to you, Blanca, Mike and Gloria for your cooperation and all you have done. There is no question Graceland South has certainly treated this family right. It goes without saying that my sister and I with family hope to visit before too many months, and of course rest a bit on the memorial bench. Thanks again Yvette, and down the road we may check-in again with you or you can let us know if you all consider the bench proving to be worthwhile and if people like it.
    J. H.
  • With Sincere Appreciation to Lou Corlione and the entire staff at Graceland Memorial Parks in support of the mock funeral processional held on Friday, July 9th 2010. Thank you
    Christ Jewels, Inc.
  • Dear Mr. Zanacore, I am writing this letter to highly recommend Blanca Sonia Pena, family service counselor, who so graciously assisted me in locating my grandfather’s gravesite. Her help in this matter has finally ended many years of wondering where he was buried, and had now allowed my mind to rest and be at peace. In May of 2003, I called several cemeteries in South Miami area looking for my grandfather’s gravesite. I had also made calls to several cemeteries in 1997, without any success. I knew he was buried by an expressway, since I was at the funeral. Upon talking to Blanca, she said she needed the month and year of burial. I thought it was in 1975 or 1976 but I was not correct in that assumption. As a result of diligent search though a twenty year span of records, Blanca located my grandfather’s grave at Graceland Memorial Park. Due to her time and effort, I was finally able to visit my grandfather’s grave in June 2003. I am so very grateful for her kindness and help in locating his gravesite. I will never forget what she has done for me. It has changed my life and put that mystery to rest. You have a remarkable lady as one of your employees and she certainly deserves the highest of recommendation Sincerely,